Our mission is to create a movement in the fitness industry that is far bigger than just a gym. A culture driven by hard work, passion and support from your team mates. A fitness experience that will quite literally blow your mind.


SPPT started back in 2010 with the owner Sean Parkinson travelling to clients houses with a Kettlebell and some resistance bands. The mindset and ethos was a strong then as it is today. As the business has grown, the stage has got bigger, the team has got stronger and our loyal tribe of members are closer than ever who all live and breathe the same SPPT values.

What we do

We change lives through Personal Training. We listen to what you want and formulate a plan that is challenging, realistic and fully focussed on your personal goals. We train our members in the Small Group Format, which means up to 6 members per Coach in each session. This creates an incredible atmosphere which makes you work harder, keeps you engaged and coming back for more.


The gym