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▫️Want to look and feel your best in 2023?

▫️ Want to lose up to 3kg of body fat in just 30 days?

▫️ Want to know the most effective ways to get leaner, fitter and stronger?

▫️ Want to get in shape without sacrificing your social life?

▫️ Want to train in a friendly, supportive gym environment?

▫️ Want to follow a program that is proven to get results?

If your answer is — YES, then this is for you.

We are 100% certain that when you complete this 30 day program you’ll feel like a different person both mentally and physically.


join SPPT!

We are very different to your normal gym. We customise our approach for you to ensure your plan feels motivating and challenging yet perfectly achievable. 


Real people, getting incredible results. 

Join over 200 others who are all working to become the best version of themselves. Surround yourself with people that work hard, support each other and don’t take themselves too seriously!

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Prashant VaidPrashant Vaid
19:43 26 Nov 22
after having experienced K2 PT, Joe Wicks and Pure Gym, i had given up on gyms altogether. SPPT are different. The personal approach with everything, the feedback and the professionalism of all trainers is extremely helpful. right from the intro session about 7 weeks ago, the booking process, weekly feedback, the actual sessions etc are all very personal and the whole atmosphere will encourage you to push yourself in an extremely positive way. it is not intimidating or discouraging at all. I have always left a session thinking about next one and how i can do better. Cannot recommend them enough. look forward to a nice healthy lifestyle with SPPT help.
Amanda BillingtonAmanda Billington
10:33 11 Nov 22
SPPT is by far the best gym I've ever been to (having moved around and tried 7 others) I've been a member for 10 months now and I'm addicted!The staff are super knowledgeable and differentiate the activities. They are able to push us every session because they know their clients. The other clients are quickly becoming friends too, thanks to the additional socials the gym puts on.The equipment is constantly being reviewed and updated.What a great job they've done creating a community - it's definitely worth a trial! I could not recommend them enough.
L HoneyL Honey
09:46 09 Aug 22
I have been a member of SPPT for 6 months now and as someone that was always too intimidated to work out at a gym, I have found SPPT to be a very inclusive, supportive and friendly environment. All the coaches are super knowledgeable and approachable and really help you to work hard and reach your goals. I have already achieved some great results and I can't wait to build on this further.SPPT is more than just a gym though...Sean and the team have built a place with an amazing community of people that really do encourage each other to push through their boundaries...and it's a lot of fun along the way too!I'm so pleased I gave SPPT a go and I would really recommend that you do the same!
wesley oakeswesley oakes
08:19 04 Mar 22
SPPT staff always create a fun, positive and competitive atmosphere in the gym.For the first time in years I am really seeing true changes in my appearance and my physical strength and stamina.This Gym is one of a kind and I can't recommend it enough to people thinking about giving it a go
Karen EllisKaren Ellis
15:40 03 Mar 22
I joined SPPT in June 2021 on their 30 day trial and within a week I knew that I would join as a full member. I've been a member of many gyms in the last 10 years, but SPPT is by far the best I've ever been to; I'm fitter and stronger than I've ever been and I've made more progress in 9 months than I have in the last 10 years. The community that has been built at SPPT is so unique, from the moment you step into the gym on your first day, you're welcomed and encouraged not only by the coaches, but by the other members too. Sean and the other coaches are incredibly knowledgeable and will go out of their way to explain or help in any way. I can't see myself ever going back to a commercial gym full time, I just wish I'd found SPPT sooner.

What do YOU get DURING the 30 days?

12x PT Sessions

VALUE (£215)

Small Group PT sessions with our expert coaches. You will be guided on a step-by-step basis through the programme and get the best results of your life.

Unlimited Classes

VALUE (£99)

Our very popular and unique fitness sessions which will get you working hard and feeling incredible.

Dedicated Coach

VALUE (£129)

Weekly check ins from your assigned coach so you’re held accountable and stay on track.

Nutrition COACHING

VALUE (£99)

Modern day nutrition support so that you don’t have to miss social events, can eat the foods you enjoy and still get results.

Progress Tracking

VALUE (£59)

‘Inbody scan technology’ so that you can see exactly how much progress you’ve made in each area of your body.

Private Training Facility


A fully private facility with individual training zones so you never waste time queuing for equipment.