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It’s the time of the year where a lot of you will be thinking about goals for the following year. It’s likely that if fitness is one of your priorities for 2018 that you may consider enlisting the help of a personal trainer.

Here are my things to look for when choosing your coach.

An initial consultation- I’d like to think that these are a standard procedure within most gyms now. A chance to meet your potential trainer and find out what they are like and how they can help you. Personal training is by no means cheap so it is important that you establish if it’s going to be worth pursuing before you commit financially. A good Personal Trainer will also be keen to meet up to ensure that he/she has a potential client they can get results with and that it’s a good fit for them.

Punctuality- Time is money (quite literally in this situation). Make sure you choose a trainer that is organised and can be on top of their punctuality.

Social media- Check their social media profile (they should definitely have one). How do they talk, what content are they putting out, are their images of their clients, do you understand what they are saying, does it resonate with your own feelings. A quick scroll through Instagram can probably tell you very quickly if he/she is the right trainer for you.

Rapport and professionalism-  You aren’t hiring a best friend but it’s important that you get along as you will most likely be spending around 3 hours a week in close proximity of this person. With the above in mind its also important that they and you remain professional and you both remember what you are there for. Staying within client/coach boundaries is important.


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Morals- Are they selling fat burners, testosterone boosters, juice cleanses and the like? Are they marketing extreme results in a very quick time? Work with someone who is in the fitness industry for the right reasons- to help!

Support- A lot of us actually quite enjoy training and see it as one of the most enjoyable parts of our day. It’s the other 23 hours of the day a lot of people struggle with. Motivation, confidence and dieting are all things you are likely to struggle with at some stage. What methods will your potential PT use to help support you outside of your training?

Results- Ultimately it’s what you are paying for. It doesn’t need to be a highlight reel of bodybuilders and bikini models but some authentic testimonials on their facebook page at the very least will tell you a lot more about your potential PT.

To work with one of our awesome coaches in the new year please feel free to get in touch using the contact us section of this website.


Posted on: December 19th, 2017


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