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Sean Parkinson

Sean Parkinson


Hi! My name's Sean and I am the owner and a personal trainer here at SPPT. I’ve been working as a personal trainer for eight years now and I love teaching – it's one of my passions.

I feel that my easy-to-understand, common sense approach to training and nutrition is the key to my many successful clients.

Outside work life I enjoy playing and watching football and boxing (I am a long-suffering fan of Crystal Palace FC).

I have a wife, Beth, who you are likely to see working hard in our classes here at SPPT as well as a newborn baby called Sienna who you may see in the SPPT reception from time to time!

To speak to me about working together you can catch me by email or telephone:

E: sean@sp-pt.com
T: 07525 925 373

Ciaran Parkinson

Ciaran Parkinson


My name is Ciaran and I have been working for SPPT for around a year now. I began working behind the scenes in an administrative role but loved it so much decided to get my gym instructor and PT qualification.

I enjoy running a lot of the classes here at SPPT and enjoy pushing members to new limits each and every week. I'm looking forward to getting started with the Better Body clients in the New Year.

Outside the gym, I am busy planning my wedding for next summer and, like Sean, I have to endure watching Crystal Palace every other week. I spend my weekends travelling up to Birmingham to visit my friends from university.

To speak to me about working together you can catch me by email or telephone.

E: ciaran@sp-pt.com
T: 07792 684251

Matt Butler

Matt Butler


I’m Matt and I am a personal trainer at SPPT. I've been a personal trainer since the beginning of 2015 and I've been with SPPT since July that same year.  

I work primarily with fat-loss clients as well as working with athletes from the surrounding area. I favour a common sense and empathetic approach when it comes to training and nutrition, keeping things simple and easy to understand.

When not at SPPT I have a real passion for sport, in particular football, and I will take every opportunity that I can to get out on the golf course. I am also a self-confessed nerd and a bit of a film buff.

To get in touch about working together drop me a message by phone or email:

E: matt@sp-pt.com
T: 07708 875 625

1-2-1 personal trainers

George Searl

George Searl


Hi. My name is George and I am a Personal Trainer here at SPPT. I have been a personal trainer for the past four years and I have been at SPPT for the past two and a half. Training and coaching are my major passions so feel very lucky to have the job I do.

My approach is always a simple one – do the basics and do them well. This is for both training and nutrition. I’ll always explain everything in simple terms so things are easy to follow and understand. That’s one of the biggest factors I believe as to why my clients see results.

Outside the hustle and bustle of the SPPT gym, I try my best to have a social life. I enjoy a bit of golf from time to time and love eating good food. Other than that I do enjoy relaxing on the sofa from time to time.

To speak to me about working together you can catch me by email or telephone:

E: george@sp-pt.com
T: 07756903065

Jaime Parker

Jaime Parker


Hello, I'm Jaime I am the only female personal trainer here at SPPT. I was lucky enough to find my passion at a young age and even luckier to be in a position to go self-employed and throw myself head first into my passion!

I was always passionate about people, helping them and educating them in any way I could... and I found the best way I could was through my knowledge and understanding of fitness and what it truly meant to be healthy. I work with people from all walks of life, all genders, ages and abilities. I strive to not only change your body... but to transform how you look and feel about yourself.

I work with clients looking to lose body fat and improve body composition but I am very passionate about body building and strength training. I have enjoyed working with sport specific clients. Having played football in a ladies team for three years and represented Sussex in athletics it takes me back to my competitive days.

I'm very passionate about my own physical fitness and health. I enjoy working hard in the gym but I'm still a young lady and enjoy going out with friends and travelling!

E: jaime@sp-pt.com
T: 07821 183198

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